Flint and Feather

Flint and Feather by E. Pauline Johnson

I have recently discovered the poetry section in Lanark Highlands Public Library. It is ,in very large part, comprised of Canadian works.Flint and Feather; The Complete Poems by  E. Pauline Johnson - Hardcover - Reprint - 1931 - from Dave Shoots, Bookseller and Biblio.com

Flint and Feather is the complete collections of poems by E. Pauline Johnson, a native Mohawk. The small book was published in 1912 and the copy at our library is the twenty second edition. Though the poems are from another era they are in no way outdated.  In her work she expresses the intensity and passion as well as the tragedy of the lives of her own people.

Her poems are powerful and captivating. I just couldn’t get enough. I re-read much of the book, devouring the imagery and emotion. In my opinion Ms. Johnson’s  poetry not only rivals but surpasses the works of Frost, Yeats and Keats in its ability to elicit strong reaction and sympathy in the reader.

If you read this poetry be prepared to be moved, to have your sensibilities challenged.

Review by Christine


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