Extraordinary by David Gilmour

“Over the course of one Saturday night, a brother and sister meet at her request to spend the evening preparing for her assisted death. They drink and reminisce fondly, sadly, amusingly, about their past…A gentle consideration of assisted suicide, Extraordinary is Image result for extraordinary by david gilmouralso a story about siblings – about how brothers an sisters turn out so differently: about how little, in fact, turns out the way we expect.”

This story is told in the third person, past tense and flows easily from page to page. The dialogue is superb and realistic, the characters believable.

The ending is a bit abrupt, but perhaps that is intended to portray the sudden end to life, no matter how well planned.  I felt as though I had been left hanging, details about what ensues for the assistant, missing from the narrative. Even with that, I would recommend this as a quick and satisfying read.

Review by Christine


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