Because Your Grandparents Love You

Because Your Grandparents Love You by Andrew Clements, illustrated by R. W. Alley

Grandparents are special. Fact.

Front CoverThis picture book tells a story of patience and the unconditional love of grandparents for two young children . The tale takes place on a farm. There are many things for the brother and sister to learn and they make lots of mistakes but the grandparents correct them in a kind and uplifting manner.

The narrative is told in simple language and the book is charmingly illustrated. A great book to share with your pre-reader.

Review by Christine

Cirque du Freak: The Saga of Darren Shan Book 1

Cirque du Freak: The Saga of Darren Shan Book 1 by Darren Shan

“Darren Shan is just an ordinary schoolboy…until he gets an invitation to visit the Cirque du Freak…until he meets Madam Octa…until he comes face to face with a creature of the night.

Soon,Darren and his friend Steve are caught in a deadly trap. Darren must make a bargain with the one person who can save Steve. But that person is not human and only deals in blood…”

In this middle grade novel two boys face deadly enemies and one must deal with his own fears in order to save the other. Cirque du Freak is a tale of friendship, bravery and loyalty. But don’t let all that mushy stuff fool you…you’ll want to sleep with the light on after reading Cirque du Freak.

Review by Christine

Made from Scratch: Discovering the pleasures of a Handmade Life

Made from Scratch: Discovering the pleasures of a Handmade Life by Jenna Woginrich

Jenna Woginrich is a web designer by day and a homesteader in her off time. Growing more and more discontent and disillusioned with our world of fast food, mass produced everything and over the top consumerism, she decided to learn a few skills to enable her to be more in control of her food and other purchases.

Inspired by her growing admiration for small farmers  Jenna Woginrich learned a few basic country skills. With enthusiasm and joy for the tasks at hand, Woginrich embarked on a journey that has been sometimes hilarious, sometimes heart-breaking and always soul satisfying.

From the fulfilling work of planting a garden and installing honeybees, to the bliss of gathering fresh eggs for an omelet or playing an old-time ballad on the fiddle, Made from Scratch shares the honest satisfaction of doing for oneself, and brings the  reader to a deep appreciation for the value of simple skills performed well.

I found this book to be a well written, easy to read wealth of information. Jenna is nothing if not encouraging. Her practical advice will have you up and doing for your self in no time.

Review by Christine

Little Shop of Murders

Little Shop of Murders by Susan Goodwill

“When Walter, a bathrobe-clad octogenarian, robs the bank using a concealed banana as the hold-up weapon, Kate and Aunt Kitty speed after him in Kitty’s mammoth 1974 Eldorado convertible. But instead of retrieving their cold hard cash, they find a still-warm dead body, much to the consternation of a certain sexy sheriff who happens to be Kate’s person of interest in the boyfriend department. Things go from bad to worse when Kate’s ex-flame from the Treasury Department and a quart-low biker gang – the Devil’s Cheerleaders – get involved in the mayhem.

Despite continuous misadventures, from Sausage festival pandemonium to a malfunctioning giant man-eating plant from Splotski’s’s Theatre Rental, Kate and Kitty are determined that the show must go on.

Sexy, sassy, and hilarious, this theatre mystery is the second in a series featuring amateur sleuth Kate London.”

Little Shop of Murders will keep you giggling from beginning to end.

Review by Christine

Half Spent Was the Night

Half Spent Was the Night by Ami McKay

During the nights between Christmas and New Year’s, the witches of New York – Adelaide Thom, Eleanor St. Clair and Beatrice Dunn – gather before the fire to tell ghost stories and perform traditional Yuletide divinations.Front Cover But their immediate future is revealed to them by a series of messengers bearing personal invitations for a New Year’s Eve masquerade ball to be held by a woman they don’t know. Is their generous hostess as benevolent as she seems or is she laying a trap? As Gilded Age New York prepares to ring in the New Year, the witches don their finery and head for the ball, on the hunt for an answer that might well be the end of them.

Ami McKay is a well read author with a penchant for things other worldly. In this light and lively novelette she leads us further into the lives of her characters (previously featured in Virgin Cure and The Witches of New York). She keeps the reader in suspense until the end of the book, which has a wee twist to it.

Looking for a Christmas read to entertain you of an evening? This one may be the very thing.

Review by Christine