The Franciscan Conspiracy

The Franciscan Conspiracy by John Sack

Set in the 1200’s in medeival Europe John Sack takes us on a journey through the life of Franciscan brother, Conrad, as he follows clues delivered to him in secret by a young woman disguised as a novice. Conrad’s strict adherance to his vow of poverty and celibacy, as dictated by his order of monks, images (2)comes into question many times throughout his quest for the truth about his mentor Fra Francis. He suffers many trials inflicted by those who profess to be Christian brothers.

In this audio book the narrator is a little difficult to listen to for more than an hour or so at a time. He tends to drone on and his repertoire of voices is far exceeded by the number of characters he is to portray. Having said that, the book itself is interesting and gives vivid details of the life of monks in those times as well as social conditions and expectations. As a historical novel it is a success.

I borrowed this historical novel, in audio form, from our library through Overdrive. This is a great service for those who like e books and audio books. The books are downloaded to your device for 14 days and automatically returned to the library after that, thereby not taking up precious space on your reader or phone. If you have not finished, you can reborrow the item and when you open it, it will pick up where you last left off reading or listening. All this for free! If you are not signed up as yet and want to be, just stop into the library and ask one of the clerks to help you set up your account.

Review by Christine


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