The Nine Lives of Charlotte Taylor

The Nine Lives of Charlotte Taylor by Sally Armstrong

& In 1775, twenty-year-old Charlotte Taylor flees her English country house in the company of her lover, the family’s black butler. To escape the fury of her father, the couple boards a ship for the West Indies. But ten days after reaching shore, Charlotte’s lover dies of yellow fever, leaving her alone and pregnant in Jamaica.


The resourceful young woman swiftly makes an alliance with a naval commodore who plies a trading route between the Caribbean and British North America. She travels north with him, landing at the Baie des Chaleurs, in what is present day northern New Brunswick.

In the sixty years that followed, she would have three husbands, nine more children and a lifelong relationship with an aboriginal man.

Charlotte Taylor lived in the front row of history, walking the same paths as the expelled Acadians, the privateers of the British American War and the newly arriving Loyalists. In a rough and beautiful landscape she struggled to clear the land and battle the devastating epidemics, cruel winters and human conflicts that stalked her growing family.&

&The incredible true story of one much-married woman, The Nine Lives of Charlotte Taylor blends fact and fiction to deliver living history as imagined by Charlotte Taylor’s own great-great-great-granddaughter,& Sally Armstrong.

I found this biography to be simply yet well written. The plot moves along at a good pace. I felt immersed in the history of Canada and felt pride for this remarkable pioneer.

Review by Christine

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